[Sugar-devel] Activities for teacher-oriented and mouse-based interactions?

Bastien bzg at altern.org
Tue Sep 6 11:23:59 EDT 2011

All right, don't scream and run away.

http://sankore.org/ is a project by a french governemental department
(DIENA¹) for selling low-cost digital whiteboards to teachers in Africa.

OLPC France has been sollicited by the DIENA back in october 2010, and 
I underlined the differences between the OLPC/Sugar educational approach
and that of the Sankoré project:

| Sankoré project                  | OLPC / Sugar                       |
| one computer per teacher         | one laptop per child               |
| digital whiteboards for teachers | small laptops for children         |
| in-school program                | always-available learning resource |

Still, since people from the Sankoré project appear to look favorably 
at Free Software in education (they opened the code for the Sankoré
application -- http://open-sankore.org, are using Ubuntu and consider
deploying Kiwix to let users browse Wikipedia offline) we kept in touch.

Now a member of OLPC France, also working for the DIENA, is about to
push the idea of having Sugar installed on the teachers laptop.

1) How would you consider this idea?

2) What set of meaningful activities would you pick up?

Hope you're still here.  And thanks in advance for any answer!


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