[Sugar-devel] [RELEASE] Clock-6

Gonzalo Odiard gonzalo at laptop.org
Sat Jun 4 16:45:15 EDT 2011

>> == Testing ==

> >>
> >> Tested with olpc build 802, os19, os20 on an XO-1 (Note os19 and os20
> builds on an XO-1 can exhibit random espeak lockups if "Talking clock"
> feature is enabled, see http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/10948).
> >
> > Another issue with the "Talking clock" seems that espeak does stop from
> time to time during the read out, like normally it would be "Son las nueve y
> cincuenta" is then "Son las nueve".
> Yes, I thought this was both down to the same issue. The same thing happens
> if you sit in Terminal typing espeak "hello to the world" 5 or 20 times.
> You'll see the more frequent fail where espeak completes the spoken text but
> than hangs, an also occasionally hanging part way through the spoken text. I
> have some code that (unexpectedly) displayed quite a lot of otherwise hidden
> error messages from espeak and the audio subsystem. I'll run it again and
> upload it to the above ticket (I'm just re-flashing to os21 at the moment).
> FWIW: espeak on the old 802 performs just great, unfortunately I'm guessing
> an awful lot has changed in Fedora between then and now to be able to find
> the culprit/s!
Please, fill a bug in dev.laptop.org, and I will try to see it.
I think the code is very similar to the text-to-speech code in Read.

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