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Gary Martin garycmartin at googlemail.com
Sat Jun 4 10:58:27 EDT 2011

Hi Simon,

On 4 Jun 2011, at 08:21, Simon Schampijer wrote:

> On 06/04/2011 04:47 AM, Gary Martin wrote:
>> == Bundle ==
>> http://activities.sugarlabs.org/en-US/sugar/downloads/file/27397/clock-6.xo
>> == Source ==
>> http://download.sugarlabs.org/sources/honey/Clock/Clock-6.tar.bz2
>> == News ==
>> This release mainly covers support for new Sugar toolbars and resolves some new bugs triggered by recent distro/Sugar builds, many thanks to manuq for his patches and cjl for help getting pootle to play nicely again:
>> * implement new toolbars OLPC10862
>> * fix broken new toolbars (failed testing in older Sugar release with new toolbars)
>> * show clock at start SL2196, SL2719, OLPC1085
>> * inhibit suspend while Clock is visible
>> * ignore any errors from espeak to improve when running under latest dev builds
>> * updated to latest translations
>> * removed unnecessary widget.window test to avoid Traceback on first run.
>> * simple clock toolbar icon hands to white to make them more visible
>> * added max_participants = 1 so activity does not try to allow collaboration UI
>> * pep8 cleanup
>> * removed unused imports
> Great! Thanks for all this work.

One small step at a time ;)

>> == Testing ==
>> Tested with olpc build 802, os19, os20 on an XO-1 (Note os19 and os20 builds on an XO-1 can exhibit random espeak lockups if "Talking clock" feature is enabled, see http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/10948).
> Another issue with the "Talking clock" seems that espeak does stop from time to time during the read out, like normally it would be "Son las nueve y cincuenta" is then "Son las nueve".

Yes, I thought this was both down to the same issue. The same thing happens if you sit in Terminal typing espeak "hello to the world" 5 or 20 times. You'll see the more frequent fail where espeak completes the spoken text but than hangs, an also occasionally hanging part way through the spoken text. I have some code that (unexpectedly) displayed quite a lot of otherwise hidden error messages from espeak and the audio subsystem. I'll run it again and upload it to the above ticket (I'm just re-flashing to os21 at the moment).

FWIW: espeak on the old 802 performs just great, unfortunately I'm guessing an awful lot has changed in Fedora between then and now to be able to find the culprit/s!

> The main issue I see is with resuming an entry. I do not get a clock drawn then. Nothing interesting in the logs.

Hmmm. No problem resuming an entry here (resume from Journal, or resume from Home), I'm seeing the clock face appear right away (tested in build 802, os19, os20, os21, and an F11/Sugar 0.88 VM I hack about with)... Aahaaa, can you go into Terminal – when you see this – and type top, check if you have a rogue espeak process eating cycles (left behind by the above espeak hanging issue). Try killall espeak and then resume Clock.

I hope we can trackdown this espeak issue, I took a quick look at Speak (as it seems to be an activity that is still talking ok) and looks like it's calling all kind of scary voodoo code to my eye (espeak.py, espeak_cmd.py, espeak_gst). I don't really have time right now to decode what trick is going on here (can anyone give me a hint?). But I guess that might be the fallback for this build (or to remove the speaking clock feature if push comes to shove). I should go look at latest Read and EText Read source and see if thir speech features are behaving.

Did I mention build 802 works a dream for espeak ;-b

> The Activity is named 'Clock' in Spanish. Should be 'reloj' I presume. I think the activity name is not translated.

I'll keep an eye out for the translations Chris mentioned in his previous email and start twiddeling on Clock-7 (I'd like to fix the text centring bug that was also triggered by the new os builds SL#2819, and see if I can finally refactor out the _p translation function that appears to be confusing pootle SL#1658, OLPC#10947).


> Regards,
>   Simon
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