[Sugar-devel] I reinstalled my system back to a previous image, but don't know where to put my public key for gitorious

laurent bernabe laurent.bernabe at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 03:43:02 EDT 2011

The fact is that i had not read well my repository page
=> the ssh tabs give us the good adress, though the informations still says
us to use git:// adress.

But to the way of learning versions control, i've gone one step further.
Thanks :)


2011/6/4 James Cameron <quozl at laptop.org>

> On Fri, Jun 03, 2011 at 04:06:43PM +1000, James Cameron wrote:
> > I'm shocked and surprised.  Why did you say no?  You should say yes at
> > this point.  I can confirm that the RSA key fingerprint of
> > git.sugarlabs.org is indeed what you see displayed.  Please try again,
> > and this time say yes.
> It has been pointed out that this text of mine is open to an alternative
> interpretation of harshness.  That was not my intent.  I omitted several
> other emotions:
> - saddened that this use of SSH is so complex,
> - annoyed that I didn't think of this before,
> - irritated that mentoring a new developer to this point is far too
>  complex.
> [/me turns to the new developer]  I think you have done well to get
> where you are, and I care enough to help you get further.  I don't like
> how complex it is.  While I can understand the complexity because of
> much practice, that doesn't mean the complexity is good.
> The use of GIT over SSH in this case seems to be an instance of "the
> perfect being the enemy of the good", as Jim Gettys said in his Google
> talk recently.
> --
> James Cameron
> http://quozl.linux.org.au/
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