[Sugar-devel] I reinstalled my system back to a previous image, but don't know where to put my public key for gitorious

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Thu Jun 2 00:09:58 EDT 2011

On Wed, Jun 01, 2011 at 06:59:15PM +0200, laurent bernabe wrote:
> Is there a way to configure my repository with a new SSH keys pair ?

You can configure your system with a new SSH key pair.

Then you must configure gitorious by uploading the new public half of
the SSH key.

I don't think either your local system repository or the gitorious
repository are ever configured with an SSH key.

> Because i erased the old public key in the public repository (that was
> before i read your answer) , replaced by a new public key => which i
> lost when my computer crashed one more time.
> What should i do ?

You keep losing keys.  I suggest careful actions.  Different to normal
actions because of your unusual environment.

0.  remedy the cause of your computer crashing,

1.  make a new SSH key pair,

2.  copy the SSH key pair to more reliable media, such as a USB drive,
or CD-R, or another computer via network, taking into account the risk
of losing the key or having the key intercepted, (e.g. if you only use
the key for gitorious, then the exposure risk is low.)

3.  upload the public key again to gitorious,

4.  confirm you can access gitorious using the private key you hold,

5.  clone the public repository to a new directory,

6.  resume development of the files.

James Cameron

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