[Sugar-devel] Reflashing XO1.5 with newer OS

Kevin Mauricio Benavides Castro kmbc141290 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 22:18:54 EDT 2010

2010/9/29 Harpreet Sareen <author.blogger at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> I reflashed my XO 1 today with the latest OS 852.img but on startup, it
> shows the Invalid System Date message with " :( " smiley. Even before the
> update, it used to show the message and the rest things are functioning
> fine.
> ****************************************************************
> Invalid System Date
> OLPC C2, 256 MiB memory installed S/N CSN74901B4F
> ****************************************************************
> How to rectfiy the problem?
> Regards
> Harpreet
> hello like this Harpreet Sareen

the message you give your XO

This problem occurs because the date and time that is within the XO are

to give solution to this message.

http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Fix_Clock #


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