[Sugar-devel] [Systems] updating pootle and creating branches

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Wed Sep 29 18:38:41 EDT 2010

Sorry for the late response, I'm still working through a huge backlog of
unread email.

On 09/28/10 15:07, Chris Leonard wrote:
> I will continue to to the work I do as a Pootle admin (as time allows),
> but as we've discussed before, we need someone from the Systems group to
> handle back-end things like project versioning and git connections.

For any need, just ask on systems at lists.sugarlabs.org. Yesterday I also
gave Tomeu root access. Ideally, we'd want to avoid overloading him with
more responsibility, so consider it a temporary plug.

In case you forgot, you also have a shell account on pootle with sudo

> I
> do what I can via the Pootle administrative interface, but that is
> limited to adding new language admins, new language set up, adding
> existing projects to new languages, and the like.

Thanks, this is really appreciated.

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