[Sugar-devel] [RELEASE] Etoys 4.1.2388 (final)

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Mon Sep 27 20:00:47 EDT 2010

Hi Folks,

here is the final 4.1 Etoys release for Sugar 0.90. In addition to the change log below you can find release notes and contributor acknowledgements at


The release for other platforms (Mac, Windows) will be available for download from our website on Wednesday:


== Sources ==


== Changes since 4.1.2387 (rc2) ==

* added translation: kn
* updated translations: de, ja, es, mn
* fix Castle tutorial previous project
* fix decimal places in loaded QuickGuide scriptors (e.g. ScaleFactor guide)
* fix viewer only showing two empty panes in Spanish

== Changes since 4.1.2386 (rc1) ==

* fix Journal saving fails in Sugar 0.82
* updated translations: de, ja, ta
* fix error when adding variable named 'val'
* fix tile help balloons not being translated
* add button to reset saved preferences
* make soundReverb a preference

== Changes since 4.1.2384 (beta) ==
* do not hard-code squeak vm path
* replace == with = in shell tests
* fix paintbox in event theatre
* fix SuppliesPlayersTool guide
* remove MenuMakeNewFlap guide from index
* pop-up arrows now enabled by default
* new DrGeo examples project (see gallery)
* new home project (green border more visible)
* Demon Castle renamed to Etoys Castle and fixed
* revised guides for English and Spanish
* DrGeoII translations for de,es,fr,ja
* updated German and Japanese translations
* do not ship languages with too few translations (ar_SY, en_GB, km, pap, pl, zh_TW)
* hide distracting/not-functional preference panel buttons
* allow negative timer values
* shared flaps are not destroyed anymore when switching projects
* various smaller fixes

== Changes since 4.1.2382 (alpha 2) ==

* no save on stop under Sugar, must use keep button (enable sugarAutoSave to revert to old behavior)
* easier to make flap (see supplies)
* GSoC addition: scriptable speech bubbles
* translatability of Text object must be enabled explicitly
* minor fixes
* updated translations from Pootle
* added languages zh_CN, ca, sk, pap, pl, km, en_GB, ar_SY
* revised Italian, Portuguese, and German QuickGuides

== Changes since 4.1.2381 (alpha 1) ==

* fix DBus service methods
* fix NavBar not showing Sugar buttons
* fix 'length' and 'width' being read-only
* flip commands renamed to 'flip left right' and 'flip up down'
* fix QuickGuides showing up twice

== Changes since 4.0 (previous stable) ==

* switched to etoys.squeak.org/svn repo
* translations broken up in smaller files
* activity version will not track etoys version anymore
* QuickGuides translated to Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, and (some) French
* added DrGeo for exploring geometry
* sketches support flipping
* geometry tiles for the world
* timer tile (world and other playfields)
* can store preferences
* plus bug fixes

- Bert - (for the Etoys team)

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