[Sugar-devel] [RELEASE] Etoys 4.1.2387

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Sun Sep 19 20:58:49 EDT 2010

== Sources ==


== Changes since 4.1.2386 (rc1) ==

* fix Journal saving fails in Sugar 0.82
* updated translations: de, ja, ta
* fix error when adding variable named 'val'
* fix tile help balloons not being translated
* add button to reset saved preferences
* make soundReverb a preference

== Changes since 4.1.2384 (beta) ==
* do not hard-code squeak vm path
* replace == with = in shell tests
* fix paintbox in event theatre
* fix SuppliesPlayersTool guide
* remove MenuMakeNewFlap guide from index
* pop-up arrows now enabled by default
* new DrGeo examples project (see gallery)
* new home project (green border more visible)
* Demon Castle renamed to Etoys Castle and fixed
* revised guides for English and Spanish
* DrGeoII translations for de,es,fr,ja
* updated German and Japanese translations
* do not ship languages with too few translations (ar_SY, en_GB, km, pap, pl, zh_TW)
* hide distracting/not-functional preference panel buttons
* allow negative timer values
* shared flaps are not destroyed anymore when switching projects
* various smaller fixes

== Changes since 4.1.2382 (alpha 2) ==

* no save on stop under Sugar, must use keep button (enable sugarAutoSave to revert to old behavior)
* easier to make flap (see supplies)
* GSoC addition: scriptable speech bubbles
* translatability of Text object must be enabled explicitly
* minor fixes
* updated translations from Pootle
* added languages zh_CN, ca, sk, pap, pl, km, en_GB, ar_SY
* revised Italian, Portuguese, and German QuickGuides

== Changes since 4.1.2381 (alpha 1) ==

* fix DBus service methods
* fix NavBar not showing Sugar buttons
* fix 'length' and 'width' being read-only
* flip commands renamed to 'flip left right' and 'flip up down'
* fix QuickGuides showing up twice

== Changes since 4.0 (previous stable) ==

* switched to etoys.squeak.org/svn repo
* translations broken up in smaller files
* activity version will not track etoys version anymore
* QuickGuides translated to Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, and (some) French
* added DrGeo for exploring geometry
* sketches support flipping
* geometry tiles for the world
* timer tile (world and other playfields)
* can store preferences
* plus bug fixes

- Bert - (for the Etoys team)

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