[Sugar-devel] Priorities for testing

Tabitha Roder tabitha at tabitha.net.nz
Sat Sep 25 07:07:13 EDT 2010

> > Tried to click on the file on the usb that says it is the journal backup
> for
> > this laptop - it seems to open the restore activity but hard to tell as
> not
> > labelled as such in the frame
> Can you elaborate on this, please? I just tried on both Sugar 0.90 and
> 0.82 and it's labelled clearly in the Frame each time: "Journal backup
> of ..." on 0.82 and "Restore" + "Journal backup of ..." on 0.90.
> Did you see something else or did you expect some additional information
> in the Frame? If the former, the logs (both shell*.log and
> org.sugarlabs.Restore*.log) would be useful.
> Normally you get the name of the activity in the frame not the name of the
file, we are getting the name of the file. I was expecting to see "Restore"
in the frame and in the activity itself see some files I can choose from to
restore (so if I did a backup once a week to my USB stick I could choose the
newest backup file to restore or an older one if my last backup was bad).
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