[Sugar-devel] [IAEP] Child in charge of FOSS or Sugar

Søren Hougesen soren.hougesen at gmail.com
Mon Sep 20 07:13:56 EDT 2010

 *Tony* - *"Having  a FOSS culture means that lots of smaller design
decisions are made which empower the learner"*

I'm interested to know more about this FOSS culture. As I've understand it,
Sugar (-Lab) is part of a this greater FOSS culture.
At the same time I find it difficult to capture the culture-essence in the
context of Sugar. At Sugar Lab it is stated:

*These ideas¨[freedom, sharing and open crituiqe] are embodied in the
culture of free software, which is a powerful *
*culture of learning. Educators are discovering the culture, technology, and
values of the open source movement which engages both teachers and students:
empowering them with both the freedom to act and the freedom to be critical
."* (sugarlab.org).

Does it mean that anyone who uses Sugar is part of this FOSS culture, or
does FOSS culture has more to it? How is it possible
to distinct FOSS culture from other cultures?

I can illustrate this complexity with OLE Nepal. Sugar-FOSS gives Nepal as a
'particular' culture/context the 'freedom' to fit Sugar
into specific needs in terms of language and national curriculum i.e. *E-Paath.
*Where in this proces are the students
(and teachers as well) empowered with the freedom to be critical about
E-Paath and the national curriculum? As I see it, E-Paath
doesn't correlate to students beeing free to act and beeing critical...
or does it? Are OLE Nepal part of  the FOSS culture?

*Tim* -* Last assumption:
         5. Children benefits from Sugar because it’s a specific designed
         learning environment, but children
         (most of them) couldn’t care less about FOSS, and they are not in
charge of
         the FOSS-environment.
         They are in charge of the progamming and debugging Turtle not the
         Sugar-activity itself,

         "Probably not. Is that important*
As an outsider/observer, it's not an important to me. I'm only curious in
what ways Sugar Lab and Sugar-people
find it/doesn't find it important, which is why i ask.

In what ways do or don't you find FOSS important in the context of Sugar?
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