[Sugar-devel] internationalization: homonym handling in genpot?

Marco Pesenti Gritti marco at marcopg.org
Fri Sep 10 12:59:10 EDT 2010

On Fri, Sep 10, 2010 at 4:36 PM, Erik Blankinship <erikb at mediamods.com> wrote:
> (maybe there is genpot list where this message is more apropos?  Sorry,
> genpot is opaque to me.)
> My activity has two identical-in-english strings (homonyms) which need
> translating, but have two different meanings depending on context in an
> activity.
> How should I flag genpot that these are two different strings which might
> require different translations?
> #TRANS: bow and arrow
> activeDisplay = _("Bow")
> #TRANS: the front of a ship
> istrDisplay = _("Bow")
> Currently python setup.py genpot produces this output, making it impossible
> for the translator to handle both meanings differently:
> #. TRANS: bow and arrow
> #. TRANS: the front of a ship
> #: constants.py:35
> #: constants.py:38
> msgid "Bow"
> msgstr ""

It looks like python doesn't support contexts yet:


Bernie is subscribed to the bug, so he might know how we are dealing
with this in other activities, adding him to cc.


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