[Sugar-devel] Coding style: line continuations

Sascha Silbe sascha-ml-reply-to-2010-3 at silbe.org
Fri Oct 29 13:48:35 EDT 2010

Excerpts from Sugar Labs Bugs's message of Wed Oct 27 11:11:49 UTC 2010:

>  {{{
>  249                 self._shared_activity.connect('buddy-joined',
>  250                     self._buddy_joined_cb)
>  }}}
>  In emacs I just use tab for that, the next line then gets aligned under
>  the buddy joined. Same below:
>  {{{
>  290             logger.debug('Tube address: %s', \
>  291
>  self.tubes_chan[telepathy.CHANNEL_TYPE_TUBES].GetDBusTubeAddress(id))
>  }}}

We should agree on a continuation style, otherwise we'll confuse new

I'm using four spaces for line continuations because it will

1. decrease the chance of having to split the line several times
2. always look the same
3. make the code easier to read (though that's obviously subjective)
4. work in every editor (none of the editors I've used so far supports
   Emacs' continuation style)

(I consider 4. to be of minor importance as it's easy enough to adjust

In cases where using four spaces would make the code harder to read
because the block following it uses the same indentation width I add
four more spaces (i.e. eight total):

if (really_really_long_variable_name > another_long_variable_name and
        long_variable_name[another_long_variable_name] == 'bar'):
    print "whatever"

I applied this style for the clean-up patch series.


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