[Sugar-devel] [IAEP] stepping down as maintainer

David Farning dfarning at gmail.com
Sun Oct 24 13:55:39 EDT 2010

On Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 11:21 AM, Sascha Silbe
<sascha-ml-reply-to-2010-3 at silbe.org> wrote:
> Excerpts from David Farning's message of Sun Oct 24 06:42:24 +0200 2010:
>> There is the lack of accountability to stakeholders.
> I'm not even sure what that phrase means in the context of an Open Source
> community.
> Sascha
Stakeholder is an English business term which applies to both
for-profits and non-profits.  A stakeholder is a person, group,
organization, who affects or can be affected by an organization's

For example:
Every contributor - Each individual has an interest in how effectively
their contributions in time and talent meet the needs of the target
community served by the project.

OLPC* - OLPC is the primary distributor of sugar to end users.

Deployments, both individually and as a group --  Deployments take the
laptops + software and combine it with additional infrastructure,
educational resources, and support and distribute it to school.

Schools, both individually and collectively --
NZ testers --
Translators --
Researchers --
Universities like RIT --


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