[Sugar-devel] Sugar-devel Digest, Vol 24, Issue 36 9Re: how to ask a question)

Bastien bastien.guerry at wikimedia.fr
Tue Oct 12 03:44:23 EDT 2010

Hi Sebastian,

Sebastian Silva <sebastian at somosazucar.org> writes:

> This way we can have a user-supported  (and a support-team) multi language
> forum similar to http://shapado.com/ or http://stackoverflow.com/

I've been thinking of creating a stackoverflow instance for at least one

> This way perhaps we could complement the "support gang".
> I agree the user experience for a mailing list is not optimal for simple
> questions.
> I offer to build/mantain it. Would be cool if others were interested in helping
> out.

If we go the stackoverflow route, I'm in.


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