[Sugar-devel] SL Bug #2063

Mukul Gupta mukul at seeta.in
Sun Oct 10 15:14:35 EDT 2010

With reference to SL Bug # 2063 which deals with bringing some kind of
notification alert whenever an unhandled python exception occurs, I had a
few doubts. There are two approaches that I can think of.

1. Any unhandled python exception is always logged. Thus, if we can check
whenever logging.ERROR has been called, there ,an exception has occured
.Thus if we introduce a flag which attains True value when an exception
occurs, and by checking the value of the flag in a GUI file we can generate
an alert/notification. For this purpose, I have tried to get a git diff of
the sugar.logger .

However, I have a doubt whether it is through this logger.py file through
which logging is taken place . I see the file not being imported by journal

diff --git a/logger.py b/logger.py
index 6a6b574..fd079dc 100644
--- a/logger.py
+++ b/logger.py
@@ -43,6 +43,9 @@ _LEVELS = {
     'trace': TRACE,
     'all': 0,
 logging.addLevelName(TRACE, 'TRACE')

@@ -57,8 +60,9 @@ def get_logs_dir():
 def set_level(level):
     if level in _LEVELS:
-        return
+    alert_log_exception(level)
+    return
     except ValueError:
@@ -203,3 +207,8 @@ def trace(logger=None, logger_name=None, skip_args=None,
         return res

     return decorator.decorator(_trace)
+def alert_log_exception(level):
+    if level == 'error'
+        CHECK_ALERT = True

2. Alternatively, if we can make a new file that reads the shell.log line by
line and whenever ERROR: is encountered, an alert is raised. However, for
this the new file has to be active at all times.

It would be great if you could shed some light on what approach should I
follow or suggest an alternative way to this problem.
Waiting for your response and valuable suggestions,


Mukul Gupta
Research Engineer,SEETA
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