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Really nice day today!

 - Tim, Alastair, Kristina, Grant

Non-testing activities:
 - Introduced OLPC/Sugar to a teacher and a few kids
 - Introduced Wtgn folk to the test request page, seemed to be support for
 - Discussion on using luggage tags so that we can identify which computer
   belongs to who from the outside
 - Bare beginnings of testing manual (at bottom of message)

## spirolaterals-2
Tim =>
 - perhaps rename activity to "spin", in keeping with Sugar HIG
   (Activities as verbs)
 - the background of icon while loading seems to pulse while loading
 - immediate thought: seems like a matching game, how do I make my turtle
 - had to click around on a few things before anything responded

 Here is a recording of things that I discovered..
   - "cyan" gives me a new puzzle
   - hints can appear => thought: oh, the *are* significant
   - "green" means go
   - "black" means refresh (?)
   - ah! the turtle does its own looping! (orignally thought I needed
     to tell the turtle some how to loop a few times
   - the turtle only turns right?

Alastair =>
 - confused at first about the purpose of each of the buttons
 - clicking on the wizard brings up hints

## filemix-2
Tim =>
 - perhaps rename activity to "mix", in keeping with Sugar HIG
   (Activities as verbs)
 - neat icon
 - no pulsing icon on load :(
 - immediate thoughts: super cool concept
 - perhaps use the user's colours, rather than olive green for the buttons?
 - had no files to test with

 - *lots* of text
   - I would like to tuck lots of this away in future versions
   - "You are urged to make your own"
     - perhaps reference a sound recording activity?
   - "midi device required"
     - how do I know if I have one?
     - shouldn't the activity be able to let me know?

 - suggestions for future versions:
  - make files selectable, renaming to soundin.1, ...  ,soundin.4 is a lot
of work
  - run through a diagnostics dialogue with sample files:
    - can you hear this? MIDI, MP3, OGG, WAV, ...

Alastair =>
 - no audio to test with

## juegos_flash-2
 - coloured icon
 - flash would wouldn't render the chess board at the start
 - seems to be a compilation of non-free flash games from various sites
 - gnash gave me English menus, everything else in Spanish

 - "Penales"
   - "All rights reserved Flashfooty.com" FTW
   - games failed to load after 20 secs

 - "Penales2"
  -  "Games1.com" Ad ??
  - in English
  - selecting a team didn't seem to do anything

 - "EncontrarObjectos"
   - failed to load in < 20 secs on XO-1.5

 - "Bar"
   - "Welcome to our pre-party cocktail mixing game for cocktail
     connoisseurs... or not as the case may be!" - omg, it's actually
     a game about alcohol consumption
   - kinda cute, in it's own way. Provides instructions along the way,
     which is what I had expected from spirolaterals

 - "Cocinarpizza"
   - seemed unresponsive to the XO's mousepad

 - "Ajedrez"
   - argh, flashing chess game again

 - "Futbal"
   - ran very slowly
   - when missing a goal, the text is "undefined"

 - "Tesoro"
   - loaded well, a little slow on XO-1.5
   - teacher seemed to be silent

 - "Pes2002"
   - heavily screen flickering (gave up after 20sec)

 - "Bolos"
   - failed to load once "Play" was clicked"

 - "QueHariasConTuEx"
   - from "whackyourex.com"
   - game does what it says

## F14/SoaS 4

Tim =>
 - x86_84 failed to loaded
 - i386 takes a *long* time to load from the .iso

 - icon is the native Fedora icon until the Home view loads
 - have been asked to enter a new keyring password (obsessively

 # Frame
  - selecting 'My Settings' from frame resulted in the computer

 # My settings
   - horizontal scrolling is annoying

     - languages are in English
     - took a while to load
     - restart dialogue: does it need to say "Warning"?

   "Software update"
     - appears to check things properly, but doesn't allow me to
       actually conduct an upgrade. The screen just goes blank.

 # changed to german
   - long time to load, screen went blank for about 20s a few times and
     flicked between a "thinking" icon, boot-up text, keyring password
     dialogue with assorted random character goodness
   - possibly disable the language option on the SoaS iso
   - restarted the VM, things worked find

Kristina =>
 - hard to get .iso file playing nicely on the Macbook.

## visualmatch-36
Alastair =>
  - needs a bigger indicator that the game is finished

Kristina =>
  - seems to work really well

Grant =>
  - couldn't find any bugs
  - it's hard on hard!

## sliderule-21
Kristina =>
 - failed to load: log exerpt :-

/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/sugar/util.py:25: DeprecationWarning: the
sha module is deprecated; use the hashlib module instead
  import sha
1286581194.867893 WARNING root: No gtk.AccelGroup in the top level window.
1286581197.192313 WARNING root: No gtk.AccelGroup in the top level window.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/sugar-activity", line 21, in <module>
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/sugar/activity/main.py", line 147,
in main
    create_activity_instance(activity_constructor, activity_handle)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/sugar/activity/main.py", line 35,
in create_activity_instance
    activity = constructor(handle)
  File "/home/olpc/Activities/Sliderule.activity/SlideruleActivity.py", line
161, in __init__
  File "/home/olpc/Activities/Sliderule.activity/SlideruleActivity.py", line
610, in _setup_toolbars
    edit_toolbar_button, accelerator='<Ctrl>c')
UnboundLocalError: local variable 'edit_toolbar_button' referenced before

## Journal
On XO (802.b6)
we discovered that the Journal gets confuse when there are mutliple versions
of the same activity on a USB stick.

## View source
Tim =>
 - .pyo files are still selectable.
      Should we grey things out that are not in plain text?


Testing Manual

There are two types of tests that people generally do when we are supporting
OLPC and Sugar Labs.

 - general mucking about:
   - we want to learn if there are any behviours that seem normal to the
     software developers that doen't seem normal to new users, especially
   - we want to hold activites to a consistent standard. This means that
     buttons do what they say they do.

 - regression testing:
   - testing that a fix to bug actually fixes the problem it says it does
   - testing that a fix doesn't cause something else to reoccur
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