[Sugar-devel] Testing Summary: Auckland NZ - 9 October 2010

Walter Bender walter.bender at gmail.com
Sat Oct 9 09:27:14 EDT 2010

On Sat, Oct 9, 2010 at 2:19 AM, Tabitha Roder <tabitha at tabitha.net.nz> wrote:
> Testing Summary: Auckland NZ - 9 October 2010
> Who: Abhishek, Charlotte, Fabiana, John, Leslie, Robin, Tabitha, Tom

> Sliderule-21
> Pulsing icon of death, didn't start. Got logs. Raised sugarlabs ticket
> #2429.

Ouch. On 0.84 Sugar, I presume. Found that same bug in Costa Rica
yesterday as well.  A patch is in git and a new version will be posted

> Visualmatch-26
> Easy levels make for happy testing for the ten year old and the adults :-)
> Moved onto harder levels. Took a bit more to nut out how it worked but got
> there, good challenge. Too hard for the ten year old, she lost interest.

Did you have a chance to try image upload for custom cards?

> Juegos Flash 2
> First tab is "whack your ex" - not appropriate at all for children. The
> animations are horrific and the ten year old said "and that is why you guys
> test things".
> We found another inappropriate activity - "the right mix" for cocktail
> parties.
> There is no stop button to end the activity. We were not sure of the
> educational value of this activity but we had lots of trouble with memory on
> the XOs and with language.

We are discussing removing this activity from ASLO. See:


> Abacus-19
> Confirmed it does take values across the Abaci where it can. Can it say when
> it is not valid? e.g. sorry that cannot be translated. Part of the problem
> is where the number is left of decimal but get no failure message when
> Abacus is all on the right of the decimal point.

So going from a fractional abacus to a whole-number abacus? I thought
it would just round down to the nearest integer. Will investigate.
(Also, I just realized that the Caacupe abacus, which allows for
negative numbers, will cause problems.)


> Thanks testers
> Tabitha

thanks all.


Walter Bender
Sugar Labs

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