[Sugar-devel] Possible copyright infringement in activities.sl.o

Tim McNamara paperless at timmcnamara.co.nz
Sat Oct 9 00:30:03 EDT 2010

Hi all,

This morning, I tested juegos_flash-2. It's just a sample of free (no cost)
flash games from the Internet. I don't think Sugar Labs is be allowed to
distribute them.

Apart from these legal concerns, I also have some ethical ones. The package
includes a game that teaches users how to mix cocktails. Another one of the
activities is called "Smack your ex".

Here are my raw notes from the session:

## juegos_flash-2
 - coloured icon
 - flash would wouldn't render the chess board at the start
 - seems to be a compilation of non-free flash games from various sites
 - gnash gave me English menus, everything else in Spanish

 - "Penales"
   - "All rights reserved Flashfooty.com" FTW
   - games failed to load after 20 secs

 - "Penales2"
  -  "Games1.com" Ad ??
  - in English
  - selecting a team didn't seem to do anything

 - "EncontrarObjectos"
   - failed to load in < 20 secs on XO-1.5

 - "Bar"
   - "Welcome to our pre-party cocktail mixing game for cocktail
     connoisseurs... or not as the case may be!" - omg, it's actually
     a game about alcohol consumption
   - kinda cute, in it's own way. Provides instructions along the way,
     which is what I had expected from spirolaterals

 - "Cocinarpizza"
   - seemed unresponsive to the XO's mousepad

 - "Ajedrez"
   - argh, flashing chess game again

 - "Futbal"
   - ran very slowly
   - when missing a goal, the text is "undefined"

 - "Tesoro"
   - loaded well, a little slow on XO-1.5
   - teacher seemed to be silent

 - "Pes2002"
   - heavily screen flickering (gave up after 20sec)

 - "Bolos"
   - failed to load once "Play" was clicked"

 - "QueHariasConTuEx"
   - from "whackyourex.com"
   - game does what it says

Regards, Tim
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