[Sugar-devel] changes in trac and others

Tomeu Vizoso tomeu at sugarlabs.org
Mon Oct 4 06:56:24 EDT 2010


have seen that recently some changes have been made to trac outside
the normal adding of users and components.

I would like to request that when making those changes, that the list
was notified, if the change is presumed uncontroversial. If the change
has a broader effect (such as adding a field), please ask in
sugar-devel first for opinions.

A change that I think can be made without asking first is the addition
of the 1.0 milestone, but I think we still need to agree on the
meaning of moving a ticket to that milestone.

The addition of Seeta-specific fields needs to be discussed before,
because we have other organizations working together in Sugar Labs and
some amount of coordination is needed.

Note that mentioning it in #sugar is not enough because not everybody
is always present and because the channel is not logged.

For other services, please notify the list as well when your changes
will affect the other people's work.



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