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Mon Mar 15 02:42:15 EDT 2010

developed, specially as fundamental parts of it are still

I also think that if deployers discussed with you their needs and you
had a more direct knowledge of how your work impacts learners you
would change your mind. In any case, it's awkward that we are having
this discussion because I don't have the authority to speak in behalf
of deployers.

>> I don't think it's entirely your fault, because deployers are trusting
>> that SLs' maintainers will guess what they need without them having to
>> get involved, which is the root cause of this problem.
> Well, maybe my first steps on 2nd way were affected by lack of
> communication w/ real deployments, but for now, it is my deliberate
> intention.

And this worries me, but I think I understand your position.



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> Aleksey

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