[Sugar-devel] [ASLO] Release Turtle Art-84

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Wed Mar 17 15:24:27 EDT 2010

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0.82 - 0.88

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Release notes:
Turtle Art has undergone a major internal restructuring. Please note that some of the translations for Sucrose 0.88 are not yet available. Another release with more complete translations will be available soon.

* added new user-interface features
 o support for multiple turtles
 o expandable blocks
 o collapsible stacks
 o runtime block highlighting
 o error highlighting
 o trash palette (with restore)
 o palette better integrated into Sugar toolbar
 o variable-length string blocks
 o editable string blocks
 o paste text from Sugar clipboard to string blocks
 o new prefix boolean logic
 o showblock to compliment hideblock
 o fullscreen block
 o Cartesian and polar coordinate blocks
 o color blocks
 o editable macros (used for presentation blocks)
 o labels on coordinate-grid overlays
 o more complete support in non-Sugar environments
 o new (and improved) sample code
 o Logo code for project added to View Source
 o save SVG block lets you generate SVG with Turtle Art
 o improved export-to-HTML logic
 o new translations (including .hi)
 o multi-variable in-line Python-code blocks
 o traceback for checking errors in in-line Python code

* completed a major refactoring of the code
 o download bundle-size is only 40% of previous versions
 o faster first-time launch
 o greatly simplified i18n maintenance
 o easier to extend with new blocks and palettes 

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