[Sugar-devel] Chapter complete version of "Make Your Own Sugar Activities!" is available for review

James Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 21:29:38 EST 2010

I took some time off this week and took the opportunity to knock out
the final planned chapters of my book. which is available here:


The title page actually says "Make Your Own Sugar Activities!" this
time, so it looks like someone worked on OBJAVI recently.

The new chapters are on using Sugargame to write an Activity based on
PyGame and on writing an Activity that supports both new and old
toolbars.  I did something to hide the "Keep" button in the new
toolbar example that may raise some eyebrows.  The PyGame example is a
really inadequate flight simulator I threw together.

I'm going to ask the FLOSS Manuals people to publish my latest
changes.  Until they do the PDF will contain material not available on
the website.

I don't consider the book to be actually finished.  I'll probably be
polishing the chapters and examples for awhile, and I'm hoping that
some of you will want to contribute guest chapters (and author bios
for the "About The Authors" chapter).  I still need a cover image for
Lulu too.  Having said that, I think the book as it stands now is good
enough to use.


James Simmons

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