[Sugar-devel] Announce: OLPC software strategy.

Claudia Urrea claudia at laptop.org
Sat Jul 10 01:36:22 EDT 2010

Great news!!! Happy Claudia!

On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 3:49 PM, Chris Ball <cjb at laptop.org> wrote:
> Hi Sascha,
>   > I trust the license will allow me to: 1. Build a new (complete,
>   > working) firmware image 2. Install it on my own XO-1.75.
>   > 3. Distribute the image (+ source) to other XO-1.75 users so they
>   > can install it.
> We expect this to be no problem, just as building your own OFW+EC
> binary blob and redistributing them right now is no problem.  (The
> encumbered PS/2 code we're talking about is already present in the
> XO-1 EC build.)
>   > What about the compiler? IIUC currently a commercial compiler is
>   > required. If that continues to be the case (as I expect it to),
>   > would it be possible for OLPC to provide the (probably very few)
>   > users interested in hacking on the EC code access to a machine
>   > having this compiler installed? I.e. does the license OLPC has
>   > for this compiler allow more than one user (on the same machine)
>   > to use it (if necessary sequentially, ensured by using a lock
>   > file) and would OLPC be willing to give users access to such a
>   > machine?
> Good news here too:  we've moved to the free SDCC compiler, so there
> should be no problem here.  I don't know full details, but there have
> been some incompatibilities seen between SDCC and the EC code in the
> past, so staying with SDCC is going to be conditional on being able
> to find a way around those.  SDCC is the plan, though.
> For more questions, I think we should move to the OLPC devel list,
> and I'll let Richard Smith answer because this is his project.  :)
> - Chris.
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