[Sugar-devel] Modern Linux trends (was: Re: [PATCH] use ConsoleKit instead of HAL for)

C. Scott Ananian cscott at cscott.net
Mon Apr 26 11:43:59 EDT 2010

Replying to quoted text is hard from my phone; bear with me.

On Monday, April 26, 2010, Sascha Silbe
<sascha-ml-ui-sugar-devel at silbe.org> wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 25, 2010 at 06:54:13PM -0400, C. Scott Ananian wrote:
> and NM supports a number of static data files for configuration if that's what you want yo do.
> What I want to be able to do is exactly the same I can do using nm-applet.
> As for the static config files, I considered that in the past, but failed because I couldn't find any documentation locally (and didn't have internet access because that was exactly what I was trying to set up on the only laptop I had with me). Even now I find the documentation [1] to be rather lacking. I'm referred to the settings specification [2] for finding out what settings I need to supply; the specification lists 139 keys in 15 settings. It would take me hours to figure out how to connect to a bog-standard WPA2 access point this way.
> You seem to have experience using these files: would they work the same way using system connections with nm-applet would do? I.e. can I still change location and have NetworkManager connect automatically to available networks? Will Sugar still be able to show all available networks and let me pick them?

yes.  The best documentation is to connect to the network you like in
gnome's nm applet and save it as a system connection.  The resulting
XML file in nm's connection dir will show you what settings you need.

I also recommend d-feet for interactively querying NM for connection
properties and settings.

> so far I'm getting quite frustrated every time I try, wasting countless hours trying to accomplishing something that would have taken me mere minutes before. A normal user would be totally out of luck.

Maybe NetworkManager us the wrong tool for the job, then.  Are you
trying to drive a nail with a screwdriver?

> FWIW, I'm even planning to enhance Sugar [3] so I can run nm-applet, just to be able to _configure_ NetworkManager.

It sounds like you really want to run NM's connection editor, which is
a seperate application.  Nm-applet itself is trivial to clone, and
afaik sugar already did a good job of that.  The smarts are all
elsewhere, either in the headless NM daemon or in the connection

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