[Sugar-devel] [PATCH] Remove the keep button from the default activity toolbar

Frederick Grose fgrose at gmail.com
Fri Apr 23 13:10:53 EDT 2010

On Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 9:48 AM, Bernie Innocenti <bernie at codewiz.org>wrote:

> On Thu, 2010-04-22 at 23:35 -0400, Frederick Grose wrote:
> > Yes that would work, and wouldn't leave a hidden button taking up
> > space on the tool bar.
> Ok, we'll work on a patch to do this.
> > By the way, I don't see how one keeps a copy from the Journal to a new
> > Journal item.  One can copy to the clipboard and then keep a text file
> > to the Journal from the primary Journal view (in the panel for the
> > object icon - Sugar 0.88), and, in the extended Journal object
> > view, one can copy files as text to attached devices--but how would
> > one keep a copy of the running Activity?
> Ugh. We clearly need to put a lot more thought into Journal interaction:
>  * lack of multiple selection makes certain tasks such as copying 10
> photos to a pendrive amazingly repetitive and slow.
>  * lack of a size column in the list view makes it hard to identify
> large items that could be deleted to free up some space.

We should review this section of our design guidelines,

The 'Incremental backups paragraph' may be mis-worded.  The 'keep (a
copy)' button instantiates a new copy of the Activity.  The incremental
backups and keep-hints are said to 'keep a copy', but rather, they update
and persist the working copy from the Learner's point of view.

Perhaps we should just label the button or option 'Copy' because that is
both the result and the action (at least in English where it is both a
noun and a verb).

I imagine that with the 'Keep a copy' action option on the proposed,
'Stop' button panel, Sugar Learners might see that phrase, and again,
panic about 'saving' their Activity.  An action option labelled 'Copy' may
instead suggest that a new instance would be created, rather than suggest
that they need to 'keep' their Activity or 'lose' it.

The proposed 'Copy' icon might be improved by hinting that a new instance
of the current Activity is to go (copied) into the Journal, perhaps by
placing a new-object star (*) above the arrow pointing to the Journal. (See
attached example.)

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