[Sugar-devel] sharing question

Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Nov 30 10:11:49 EST 2009

Walter Bender wrote:
> I want to be
> able to let people join in two different ways: as a cooperator or as a
> competitor. 
> is there any mechanism in your
> recent work that would support this?

I haven't attempted to code anything of this sort, but if I were building
such an activity from scratch, I would probably use Groupthink's
AddOnlySet to maintain a set of team names, and provide a UI on startup to
allow users to select an existing team or create a new one.  Teams would
then be represented as some very general object like a CausalDict (a
shared python dictionary), accessible as self.group[team_name].

Groupthink is not actually capable of providing access controls, so
competitors will be able to "cheat", either by altering each other's state
or by observing secrets.  I am generally content to let the UI be
responsible for preventing "cheating".


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