[Sugar-devel] [ANNOUNCE] GetBooks version 4

Sayamindu Dasgupta sayamindu at gmail.com
Sun Nov 29 04:05:30 EST 2009

I just released GetBooks version 4.

Changes from previous release:
* Large result-sets spanning multiple OPDS catalog files are now
supported - the list gets populated incrementally as the user scrolls
down. A busy-cursor is shown whenever a result-set is being fetched in
the background.

* Fix startup problem in OLPC XO OS 8.2.x builds

* Let users cancel downloads in progress

* Fixes to the removable device support code

Known issues:
* Removable devices are not detected on the fly when rainbow is
enabled. (This is due to the fact that Rainbow does not give access
permission to running activities when a new removable drive is added).
Workaround for it is to start Get Books _after_ the device has been
plugged in.

* Multipage result-sets for the Internet Archive do not work (there
seems to be a minor error in the OPDS catalog files)

* A crash (segfault) occurs sometimes during acitvity shutdown. Not
yet sure what is causing it.

Download link:

Please test this as much as possible, and if all goes well I'll create
a separate git repository for it, and upload it to ASLO.


Sayamindu Dasgupta

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