[Sugar-devel] some efforts that would be really useful for

Michael Stone michael at laptop.org
Thu Nov 26 13:10:23 EST 2009


> I'm curious, is there something flawed with the current process where
> deployments add translations to pootle via translate.sugarlabs.org so strings
> are pushed over to activities held in git.sugarlabs.org ready for re-release?

There are many things flawed with this process. The most important ones from my
perspective are that:

  a) this translation process relies too heavily on low-latency internet access,

  b) this translation process sucks for OS software because it means that new
     deployments can't use old OS releases as-is: they either have to hack them
     up or they have to wait for a new release with their translations, and

  c) this translation workflow requires a lot of training and technical
     expertise to use. I think that there are adequate systems with "lower

Anyway, Sayamindu and a bunch of other folks (including me) developed an
outline last year for how to address these issues: 


That outline led to the following presentation at last year's SugarCamp and

   (Video may be available. Scott?)

which included a demo based on the following additional code:


which may be of interest to you.

More questions?


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