[Sugar-devel] Activity Versioning - Dotted Scheme

Gabriel Eirea geirea at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 08:00:53 EST 2009

Hi Simon,

> a) The release cycle dependent one: Activities name their activity after
> the Sugar version they are developed against. If it was released during
> the 0.88 cycle and developed against 0.88, then it would be 0.88.x.

I don't think it is a good idea that activities are developed against
a specific version of Sugar. For example, right now in Uruguay we have
400.000 laptops with version 0.82. Updating to a new version is a very
complex logistic problem. (Besides, as far as I know there is no XO
image ready with a newer version of Sugar yet.)

Legacy support can be painful but I think it is necessary. My wish is
that as a rule all activities should be compatible with previous
versions of Sugar and the Sugar API should try to remain as stable as



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