[Sugar-devel] Activity Versioning - Dotted Scheme

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Tue Nov 24 06:20:15 EST 2009


as a follow up on an older thread: 
- we want to get the versioning sorted in 0.88 for real. So far we came 
up with these three options:

a) The release cycle dependent one: Activities name their activity after 
the Sugar version they are developed against. If it was released during 
the 0.88 cycle and developed against 0.88, then it would be 0.88.x.

b) MAJOR.MINOR (x.y): The new Browse activity for 0.88 would be 115.0. 
Fixes would go into 115.1, 115.2...

c) MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH (x.y.z) The new Browse activity for 0.88 would be 
115.0.0. Fixes would go into 115.1.0, 115.2.1...

What do people like best?


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