[Sugar-devel] [ANNOUNCE] Sucrose 0.86 Branching - Activity versions

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Thu Oct 1 05:20:20 EDT 2009

Dear Maintainers,

After the final release of a module, a branch can be created to host 
further stable development. Can, means here that it is up to the 
maintainer when this happens. In other words you want to create the new 
branch at latest when you start to commit things for 0.88. 0.86 will be 
your stable branch where only bug fixes can be committed and unstable 
development is going to the master branch.

Please use the name sucrose-0.86 for the 0.86 branch. Each module 
maintainer is responsible to inform the sugar-devel at lists.sugarlabs.org 
and localization at lists.laptop.org lists about the branch.

More information on how to create the branch can be found at [1].

*Activity versions*
As we use integers for activity versions (this really has to change for 
0.88 with introducing minor versions), we need to cope for the famous: 
stable/unstable version issue. I would say to leave at least 3 version 
numbers open when doing a new unstable release. An example:

Walter has submitted TurtleArt 69 for 0.86. He reserves the numbers 70, 
71, 72 for bug fix releases. When he is doing a release from the 
unstable master branch (0.88 development) he is using numbers > 72.

Homework: What version number has the third unstable release from 
TurtleArt? Please send a note with your answer to the sugar-mailing 
list, subject="Enlarge your 0.86 Lottery winning chances". The first 
three right answers will get a beer at the SugarCamp in Bolzano.

    Your Release Team

[1] http://sugarlabs.org/go/DevelopmentTeam/Release#Branching

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