[Sugar-devel] Volunteer Opportunity

Tomeu Vizoso tomeu at sugarlabs.org
Fri Nov 6 13:21:59 EST 2009

On Fri, Nov 6, 2009 at 18:18, Benjamin M. Schwartz
<bmschwar at fas.harvard.edu> wrote:
> Derek Dally wrote:
>> Does anyone need a hand?
> Definitely!  There are all sort of interesting things that need work in
> Sugar.  Off the top of my head, we need programming help with GUI,
> networking, data storage and search, OS security, hardware interaction,
> accessibility, and speed optimization ... and that's just in the core
> system!  We're also always looking for people to develop and improve the
> Activities that run on Sugar, and the deployment systems (distro packages,
> VM images, bootable disks) that allow people to use it.
> That's why when people ask if they can contribute, I say "what are you
> interested in?".  Whatever it is, we probably need it.

Alternatively, maybe we have an orphan activity that Derek could take
and move forward?



«Sugar Labs is anyone who participates in improving and using Sugar.
What Sugar Labs does is determined by the participants.» - David

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