[Sugar-devel] "7 Meilen Stiefel" or New Soas-2 image available

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Wed Mar 25 11:39:02 EDT 2009


the soas team is wearing their "7 Meilen Stiefel" those days!

- abiword (the 'olpc' version with abicollab enabled)
    - Sharing in Write does work now!

- latest NetworkManager (fixes rh #491620)

- new version of the Imageviewer activity:
    - Fix initial zoom level being extremely small: d.sl.o #486 (Tomeu)
    - New German translation

- latest 0.84 Sugar snapshot:
    - CP: Disallow the user from selecting any fallbacks if English
          (USA) is selected (#slo:561)
    - Call *mount_finish when the callback is called #326
    - Add full licence to data dir #357
    - The logout option is available by default
    - Resume from home is duplicating activity instances again #600

- first shot on usb device mounting capabilities (#626, #627 have been 
filed about encountered issues)


Known issue:
I was not able flashing the image on F10, could not boot into it. F11 
did work fine though. Tomeu suspected a newer version of syslinux on F11 
- I will report back.

Does that sound good? Fetch the image and test the hell out of it - and 
remember like God likes all it's children - the Soas team likes all it's 
bugs - so please do file them at dev.sugarlabs.org

Get it when it is still sticky!
    Your Soas Team

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