[Sugar-devel] print support proposal up and running!(uses moodle)

Vamsi Krishna Davuluri vamsi.davuluri at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 07:29:13 EDT 2009

"- new Activities may include with the m the ability to turn their own
"document" files into a PDF, so at activity-install time, you may want
to poke the activity metadata to extend the list of mimetypes handled.

" - cups has lots of overhead and complication, if you find a simpler
way to print to PDF, it will be a big win"

I have a fix for Write which exports to pdf, but to implement the lib
abiword api in each and every activity is really a pain - more for the
activity authors.
Luke was kind enough to check an installation of complete cups on the XO. It
took a space of 18 mb including cache space, so an installation of cups-pdf
alone (which is 1.3 mb installation space along with dependencies will be
around 8 mb)will do.

What cups-pdf does is it has the ability to print a pdf from any mime type
associated with cups mime.types. As opposed to what the abiword api does
(draw the screen to graphic objects and export to pdf) . So this is really
an asset!

Of course, the activities would definitely have to have their  mime types
associated in some .info file, I will just look it up.

On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 3:49 PM, Martin Langhoff
<martin.langhoff at gmail.com>wrote:

> 2009/3/25 Vamsi Krishna Davuluri <vamsi.davuluri at gmail.com>:
> > So, here is an almost finished version of my Print Proposal minus the
> second
> > community member remarks. ( cc Martin Langhoff please give me your views
> on
> > this if possible)
> >
> > http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Print_Support
> Looks good! A couple of notes...
> On the XO side,
>  -
>  - cups has lots of overhead and complication, if you find a simpler
> way to print to PDF, it will be a big win
>  - once you have a Journal-based "PDF print queue", it will be easy to
> push that into moodle or into other systems. I really like that.
> On the XS side:
>  - Moodle + cups makes lots of sense.
>  - Happy to help design the moodle integration and user workflow.
>  - Good call on the quotas and teacher control.
> cheers,
> m
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