[Sugar-devel] firefox3-Sugar integration broken

Bryan Berry bryan at olenepal.org
Thu Mar 19 03:30:21 EDT 2009

Firefox-6.xo no longer has access to the journal on my XO.

I am running Sugar 0.82 stream on an XO and Firefox-6.xo. I have not
deleted /etc/olpc-security. 

A couple weeks ago, when I accessed a .pdf file from firefox-6 it
automatically launched Read w/ that pdf. Now I get a dialog asking me
which program to open the pdf with. 

It still does not work even if I delete /etc/olpc-security

We would like to use the Read activity to launch our teacher lesson
plans which are embedded in our flash activities. Since this
functionality isn't working, we are using xpdf instead. We would much
prefer to use Read than xpdf.

here is the TT i opened on the issue. Should I have opened the issue on
dev.sugarlabs.org instead?

Bryan W. Berry
Technology Director
OLE Nepal, http://www.olenepal.org

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