[Sugar-devel] Access to multiple repos in SugarLabs gitorious

Bastien bastienguerry at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 16 09:07:24 EDT 2009

Luke Faraone <luke at faraone.cc> writes:

> Regardless of whatever looks more straightforward to you, we're looking to
> implement a system that can be used by even non-technical people. It is better
> to fix the underlying problem (not being in Pootle) that would allow for
> collaboration by all translators than to grant push rights to all translators. 

Right.  It's a matter of priority, isn't it?

First put as many activities as you can in Pootle, so that non-technical
people can contribute.  Then try to ease life of contributors that don't
want to use the Pootle.

I'm not arguing about these priorities, they are sound.

But IMHO, actual contributors deserve as much attention as potential
newbies :)

I was just wondering whether gitorious let you give commit access for a
group of projects/activities, thinking that this would be useful.  The
answer can be "No, it's not possible."  or "No, it's not possible, but
that might be useful, we'll see what can be done."


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