[Sugar-devel] Quick run through of Activities on Soas2-200903061846

Gary C Martin gary at garycmartin.com
Thu Mar 12 13:55:04 EDT 2009

Hi Bert,

On 12 Mar 2009, at 10:22, Bert Freudenberg wrote:

> On 12.03.2009, at 05:18, Gary C Martin wrote:
>> Environment: VirtualBoxVM running on an Intel Mac
>> SoaS: Soas2-200903061846
>> Build: Fedora release 10.91 (Rawhide)
>> Sugar: 0.84.0
> I tried this again, in WMWare Fusion on Mac.
> On first boot, I got the "no loop device found" error.
> On second boot, it worked fine.
> One thing I noticed when shutting down is that the CD drive is still  
> locked, which VMWare complains/warns about.

I haven't given VMWare a try yet, but it was on my list of other VM's  
to try now that I have an Intel based box to play with. Sun's  
VirtualBox seems to be playing very well from what I've tried so far.

>> Etoys-100: Fails, line 77: exec etoys: not found
> Did you install Etoys yourself? AFAICT it is not pre-installed yet.  
> SoaS-2 is still missing the "etoys" glucose module, so the fructose  
> "Etoys" won't work.

Yes, etoys glucose is still missing from builds (I wasn't sure at the  
time I tried), I'd installed the Etoys-100 fructose bundle manually  
just to try.

> Basically, the stand-alone Etoys.xo is only useful on raw OLPC  
> builds, which only ship glucose but not fructose.
>> Scratch-12: exec: /usr/bin/squeak: cannot execute: No such file or  
>> directory
> This depends on the squeak virtual machine, which would have been  
> pulled in by the etoys rpm if it was installed.
> Thanks for testing and reporting back!

No problem! Having a machine I can nw run (multiple) VMs on is going  
to make some of this testing a lot easier, especially with the real  
XOs for comparison.

I'm getting really kind'a worried about the level of marketing hype  
that may go out with the Sugar 0.84.0 official 'launch', without a  
good set of stable and useful Activities, promoting Sugar is like  
promoting rock concert without actual musicians.

> - Bert -


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