[Sugar-devel] python hulahop article

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Mon Jul 27 11:28:28 EDT 2009

On 7/27/09, Brendan Eich <brendan at mozilla.com> wrote:
> XPCOM is self-deprecating. It's excessively costly for both callers and
> implementors of its interfaces, both in runtime overhead and in
> expressiveness restrictions.

 i'd say that that's a price paid for the incredible power and
flexibility of what it brings, but hey, nobody said it would be easy
:)   i'm dead impressed that you got XPCOM right, and that it works as
expected, by providing seamless inter-language communication - and now
am a bit puzzled that it's to be deprecated.

> We aren't going to drop it but we are already
> optimizing around it, and removing it in future APIs.

 mmm, history will tell if that's a mistake or not.  please don't
remove it _until_ the new API which replaces python-xpcom is fully
completed.  that would _definitely_ be a mistake.

>  This doesn't mean multiple programming languages won't be able to call or
> implement those APIs. Cc'ing Benjamin Smedberg, who can say more.

 thanks brendan.

 well, as long as there's _something_ that provides full and complete
python access to the XULrunner DOM model, providing exactly the same
API (all of it and i do mean all of it) as what python-xpcom currently
provides, i honestly don't care how it's done.  but i'm still curious.

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