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On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 9:51 AM, Greg Smith <gregsmithpm at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Walter, Caroline and Dave,
> Looking at the list of main goals for GPA
> (http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_on_a_Stick/Goals), I see two top
> priority items:
> - Collaboration
> - Backup and restore
> I think the first is done. That is we have a plan to use local
> collaboration (I believe that means Salut). Can you confirm that
> solution is acceptable?

This is acceptable for now.  When we have the kids take the kids home we'll
eventaully want them to be able to collaborate with ohter kids at school via
a Jabber server. But we have a few months before this is critical path.

> How are we doing with backup and restore? Let me know if there's
> anything I can help with, e.g. I can help document how we will do
> backup and restore.

The SG team is working on it. I think they owe an email on approach and
status to the server list

> The rest are priority B for GPA.This one seems important to me:
> Straightforward Teacher "Assignment" -> Student -> Teacher workflow.
> However, if we have a plan and no new SW is needed, that's good. We
> can focus on the activities and next level of detail.
> That said, if its critical to success in the fall we should get
> working on it ASAP. I may also add a feature to share a file from one
> computer to another. I want to see a lesson plan needing that first.
> Then I'll try out the suggestions recently posted to the list before I
> ask for a new feature.
> I appreciate any pointers on priorities and major feature work still
> pending. Lots of bug scrub work to do in the mean time.

For the fall - here is a brainstorm

- Reliably working on the Macbooks in the laptop cart.
- Faster user setup.
-Easier setup in the computer lab - We can try upgrading the BIOS and see if
we can get it to boot directly from USB. We could have a floppy boot helper
that could just stay with the computer.
- Communication plan for helping people to get their sugar sticks to boot at
-More robust sticks, I think there is a ticket in on the goes to user login
but with no user name but we've seen on a few sticks now.

I think the 4 items above will all be much easier if we are using a stick
format where you can see the files rather then one squash image file. there
is at least one ticket in for that.  I'd like some technical opinions on
that, but my sense is the underlying reformat of the stick is what should be
to top priority item.

-Prettier reboot. Reboot takes you to a nonsugar screen where you have to
press return when it says user name is liveuser. Sometimes it fails
completely as above.
-Grouping collaboration by class on the jabber server (clearly this is for
after we goto Jabber based collaboration.)
-Teacher collecting homework and assessing workflow. Right now it looks like
the fall early adopters will be doing a lot of writing so think of a student
writing an essay and the teacher being able to take all those essays home,
read and comment on them, and return them.


> Thanks,
> Greg S
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