[Sugar-devel] Language control panel broken: Chinese + Russian displayed

Edward Cherlin echerlin at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 19:54:08 EDT 2009

There are serious bugs in language switching in My Settings (the Sugar
Control Panel).

One is that switching to a language can result in bits of some other
language appearing, and switching back does not necessarily restore
the original language entirely. I have attached a portion of a screen
shot showing mixed Russian and Chinese, even though English is set.

Also, if you add another language menu with the button provided, and
select two different languages on them, it is not obvious how to
switch. It turns out that clicking on the menu showing the desired
language, and reselecting the displayed selection, is not interpreted
as a request to change languages. It appears to be necessary to select
something else, and then go back and select the language desired.

Third, the + button sometimes disappears.
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