[Sugar-devel] issues showing Activities for OLPC 8.2.x from a.sl.o.

Aleksey Lim alsroot at member.fsf.org
Mon Jul 6 06:47:47 EDT 2009

The current situation with platform(not sugar platform) is:

We have several entries in platform but almost every(all?) activity
could be described only by sugar platform(0.82, 0.84).

I think the purpose of having platforms was letting activity authors
(and editors) mark activity as a specific environment friendly
(like activity works/works-fine on soas-1, XO-1  etc.).

I'm personally for having only sugar platform(and maybe platform only
for architectures). In my mind having additional platform could be confused
(since we already have sugar platform which should describe environment)
moreover list of current platforms is not static, at least it will grow
all time(for soas-2,3..) and including all particular environments would
make this list huge(like all mandriva versions, all suse versions etc).

On Fri, Jul 03, 2009 at 08:17:39PM -0700, S Page wrote:
> I want a long-lived URL that will list activities on
> activities.sugarlabs.org that work on XO-1's running release 8.2.x,
> and I'm confused on several points.
> * Should I filter by "Refine Results > Compatible with > 0.82" , or by
> choosing Advanced search > Platform: OLPC Software Release 8.2.0
> (Build 767), or both?

in current situation, using Advanced search > Sugar Platform > 0.82 > 0.82
and later refining search makes more sense

> * Refining results to 0.82 or choosing Sugar version 0.82 reduces the
> results returned from 157 to 138, but choosing Platform: OLPC Software
> Release 8.2.0 (Build 767) does nothing.  That doesn't make any sense,
> implicitly OLPC 8.2.0 *is* Sugar version 0.82 (or, technically,
> 0.82.1).
> * I'm pretty sure the filtering on version is broken.  Etoys, Read,
> and Terminal seem to offer the same download regardless of version,
> but I believe they have different versions for 8.2.x and later
> Sucrose.

hmm.. looks like but only while using refining search
should be fixed anyway

> Filtering for 0.82 only seems to exclude experimental downloads like
> APRS, Bundle, Frotz, etc.

can't reproduce, could you post full url

> * In Advanced search > Platform, there's no choice for the latest OLPC
> version, OLPC 8.2.1 (Build 802). Maybe the Platform option should be
> OLPC Software Release 8.2.x , and leave out "Build 767" ?
> * In the Advanced search dialog, having "Sugar Platform version" and
> "Platform" is confusing.  I think leave "Platform" out of "Sugar
> version".
> * The feedback in search results if you use Advanced is poor.  It
> doesn't show what advanced search constraints are on (they could be
> given after the text "Showing 1 - 20 of 157 results for Platform: xxx
> and versions: NN".  Sometimes the page seems to forget what you've
> chosen, and sometimes refining results to limit to 0.82 doesn't change
> the count.
> * Using Browse in 8.2.1 on XO-1 and Firefox on a desktop, the Browse
> version offered to me has a clipped
>    Download Now (OLPC Software Release 8.2.0 (Build 767))
> button, only "Download Now (OLPC ..." is visible.  I guess the (
> and &#41 are the '(' and ')' from the platform.  I filed
> http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/1020
> * How is a.sl.o knowing to offer this Browse version to me?  It and
> "Software to work with scales and chords on musical instruments." are
> the only activities that have this "Download Now (OLPC..." button.
> Aleksey Sim wrote
> > * New ASLO check user agent string for SugarPlatform version in format:
> > "Sugar Labs/<major-version>.<minor-version>"
> > for example "Sugar Labs/0.84" and add hints to download button
> * How do I know if this check is in place?

check your browser user agent string,
(in FF, Help/About)

> * It seems both my browsers  offer me Browse version
> http://activities.sugarlabs.org/en-US/sugar/downloads/latest/4024/platform:7/addon-4024-latest.xo
> , does platform:7 in the URL indicate the the OLPC Software Release
> version?

current AMO code shows last version all time regardless version
of browser(in pure AMO case), so user sees only last version(user can
filter addons by platform if hi wants) but if user agent string satisfy 
"Sugar Labs/<major>.<minor>" format, ASLO would add hints to download
button (like "This activity is for older version of sugar")

> * I want to compare the activity versions that a.sl.o offers for OLPC
> 8.2.0 / Sugar 0.82 with the versions splattered all over
> wiki.laptop.org.  Is there a way to get a.sl.o to return results in
> some other format, like text or an XML structure?
> Many thanks, I hope my comments are useful.
> Who thought of using the addons.mozilla.org codebase for a.sl.o?
> Stroke of genius!
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