[Sugar-devel] [FEATURE] Journal Backup && Restore

crodas crodas at paraguayeduca.org
Fri Dec 18 09:38:13 EST 2009

Hello Everybody,

Last year, Daniel Drake, while he was in Paraguay, he wrote a set of
scripts to perform backups from SugarJournal to Schoolserver and a restore
script. Everybody can see it:

+ http://trac.paraguayeduca.org/browser/scripts/os-modifications 

We have tested creating a backup on XO-1, OS8.2 and restoring the backup
in the same machine after an OS upgrade (to OS10), and worked perfectly
fine. That's very good for an automatic OS upgrade.

So, we have questions to the folk:

1. Is there any similar to this and standar on Sugar?
2. If no, Wouldn't be great if we add those scripts to Sugar?
3. In any case, I think will be great if we add a new section on the
Control Panel, to manually force the backup and restore.

Any thoughts?



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