[Sugar-devel] Sugar 0.86 Favourites View behaviour - Browse

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Tue Dec 8 03:43:32 EST 2009

On 12/07/2009 08:16 PM, Tim McNamara wrote:
> 2009/12/7 Simon Schampijer<simon at schampijer.de>
>>   On 12/06/2009 10:28 PM, Tim McNamara wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Am running Sugar 0.86.3.
>>> In general, I like how Sugar now opens the most recent item from the
>>> Journal, rather than starting a brand new file. However, I think with
>> Browse
>>> - it's still useful for this to default to the homepage.
>>> Is there an easy way to make this happen?
>>> Do other people agree?
>>> @timClicks
>> Hi Tim,
>> interesting question. I am not sure Browse should differ to other
>> activities in that case. It presents you with the latest Browse-session,
>> which is the last visited page. Firefox does the same btw.
> Looks like a no to my second question :)
>> Maybe you are looking for a simple way to go back to a preferred page
>> (the start page for example). And maybe the answer to your question is
>> more a home button - or global bookmarks that can be accessed through
>> the interface? At the moment there are only session bookmarks and the
>> auto completion functionality.
> A home button/icon would be beneficial to me. I am interested in
> others' views.

I think with global bookmarks we would solve two requests. An easy way 
to go back to a default page and the ability to store cross session 

 From memory, FF also tends to ask whether you would like to
> start from scratch or open the last open tab.

Yeah, so as Gary pointed out - we should be consistent in the activity 

> Another trend in browsers is to present 9 or so thumbnails from the most
> commonly used pages.

I think that is what google toolbar does by default when you open a new 
tab - I am not a fan of this for privacy reasons on a multi user 
machine, but that is another story ;D


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