[Sugar-devel] Sugar 0.86 Favourites View behaviour - Browse

Gary C Martin gary at garycmartin.com
Mon Dec 7 11:53:54 EST 2009

Hi Tim,

On 6 Dec 2009, at 21:28, Tim McNamara wrote:

> Am running Sugar 0.86.3.
> In general, I like how Sugar now opens the most recent item from the Journal, rather than starting a brand new file. However, I think with Browse - it's still useful for this to default to the homepage.
> Is there an easy way to make this happen?
> Do other people agree?

I'm not sure I'd like different activities in the ring able to override the resume / start new behaviour. Could be quite unexpected and confusing to learn the behaviour (you'd have to remember which activities did what). One trick you might not have found yet is that holding down the Alt key. It will toggle the home favourites view resume / start new behaviour, so you can hold Alt and click on Browse to get a new fresh activity instance at the home page. FWIW: in early versions of the new home feature (in 0.83 I think), there was a check box in the Favourites view menu that allowed you to pick one or the other resume / start new behaviours.

Hope that helps a little :-)


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