[Sugar-devel] [Karma] pls review jsdocs for Karma

Bryan Berry bryan at olenepal.org
Thu Dec 3 06:32:01 EST 2009

argh! sorry I forgot the link

2009/12/3 Bryan Berry <bryan at olenepal.org>

> I have added examples but there is still work to be done. Please let me
> know if it is hard to follow or if significant chunks are missing
> I haven't exactly figured out how to document methods like play() since
> there isn't an object specific to it
> I also haven't documented the kCanvas with the makeChain function. I fear
> that the makeChain function -- while truly a feat of metaprogramming and
> closure manipulation -- may be too clever. It also may not save that much
> typing since I will have to document each function anyways. Felipe what do
> you think?
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