[Sugar-devel] OLPC updates from ASLO

Art Hunkins abhunkin at uncg.edu
Tue Dec 1 12:19:26 EST 2009

Has the csound/csound-python compatibility issue been sorted yet for 0.84?

Art Hunkins

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> 2009/12/1 Aleksey Lim <alsroot at member.fsf.org>:
>> AFAIK OLPC will use 0.84 release and will lack of native sugar updater
>> but it could be useful idea to keep activities repository in one place.
> We are using the sugar control panel applet for activity updates as we
> have done before.
>> So, the question is will html page which lists all ASLO activities in
>> microformat enough for OLPC updater.
> Having the microformat on ASLO would be great and I never understood
> why this wasn't the approach taken in the first place, rather than the
> considerable task of adding some strange XML format support to the
> updater applet for later versions.
> The great thing about the microformat is that not only did it provide
> an interface for those of us single-users who have fast internet
> connections, it was designed inherently for simplicity, scalability
> and replication, and came with a decent amount of documentation of how
> you would replicate this on a deployment. The XML thing seems to be
> lacking in those areas.
> However I think there are 2 additional things that would block moving
> the activity group to ASLO:
> 1. It's not possible to create a group with specific locked versions,
> right? One reason for doing it separately is that we want to control
> the flow of activity updates pushed to customers. I'm concerned that
> activities are not seeing much QA or testing and regressions are too
> easy to come by. I'm also concerned that the amount of testing that
> developers do on 0.84 before marking activities as 0.84-compatible
> will decrease over the next few months/years.
> 2. No content bundle support
> Daniel
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