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> 5) SocialCalc save and restore doesn't work. After saving, there is a
> Journal entry but when they open it the information is not there.

>Manu, know anything about it? I guess having a ticket with the
>activity logs would help here.

Yes, this bug was existing in an earlier version of SocialCalc, which has
been fixed in 0.8.3g release.

Save and restore should work very well now.

Gabriel, please ask the teacher to download the latest SocialCalc activity
package from here <http://seeta.in/j/downloads.html> . Kindly let me know if
we run into any issues. Thank you for sharing the feedback.



On Fri, Aug 14, 2009 at 3:01 PM, Tomeu Vizoso <tomeu at sugarlabs.org> wrote:

> 2009/8/13 Gabriel Eirea <geirea at gmail.com>:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I'm sending below the original text (in Spanish) of a teacher friend's
> > request. I'll try to translate her main concerns.
> >
> > 1) Mesh network doesn't work. Very few kids can get in the same
> > "network". She claims it got worse with the latest update in Ceibal.
> Not sure we can debug this remotely :/
> Andrés, do you know about any work in the Ceibal plan to determine the
> reliability of the mesh network?
> > 2) She saves Write documents in the pendrive, then she opens them at
> > home with KUbuntu and OpenOffice, then she saves the modified document
> > in the pendrive and tries to open it in the XO with Write. She claims
> > she can't open it even if the document was not modified.
> >
> > 3) Same scenario as 2), she saves it from KUbuntu as a pdf in a
> > pendrive. She can't open it back in the XO (she gets a "blank page").
> >
> > 4) The previous cases are frustrating because she wants to be able to
> > move back and forth between the XO and her (convenitonal) laptop.
> I understand the frustration, do you think we could get copies of
> those files and more details about the workflow?
> About usb sticks, in versions earlier than 0.84 we are using a scheme
> that is quite fragile, specially when using the same stick with
> non-sugar computers.
> I would recommend deleting the .olpc.store in the usb stick after
> every usage in a non-sugar computer and see if weird things stop
> happening. If this helps somehow, then we should find a way to
> publicize this trick. Note that from Sugar 0.84 this is not needed.
> > 5) SocialCalc save and restore doesn't work. After saving, there is a
> > Journal entry but when they open it the information is not there.
> Manu, know anything about it? I guess having a ticket with the
> activity logs would help here.
> > 6) She claims that files dissappear for no reason. This probably needs
> > to be clarified. She discards the possibility of kids deleting files
> > by accident.
> Yes, this deserves further clarification. It's a very wide issue, so
> we'll need a way to track all the different circumstances in which
> data reliability can happen. The journal data store was rewritten in
> 0.84 with increasing reliability on mind, but I guess it will take a
> while to update all machines to that or later versions of Sugar.
> > Now the question is, how can we get these questions in reasonable
> > shape so it is useful information for debugging?
> That's the Million Laptops Question ;)
> We are doing nice progress on this, but it's a really big task.
> Thanks a lot,
> Tomeu
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Gabriel
> >
> >
> > ---------- Mensaje reenviado ----------
> >
> > Quisiera que supieras que tenemos algunos problemas con varias cosas
> > en la xo y me parece que son puntos importantes para que podamos
> > trabajar mejor con la máquina. te paso algunos, y vos ves si pueden
> > hacer algo al respecto.
> > Las redes malla siguen funcionando mal, y desde que se actualizaron
> > las máquinas es peor, son muy pocos los niños que logran entrar en la
> > misma red.
> > He tenido dificultades cuando guardo en el pen drive textos realizados
> > en write, los leo con el open office y luego vuelvo a cargarlo en sus
> >  máquinas y no me los lee, aún cuando no les realizo ninguna
> > modificación. Probé cambiándole el formato a pdf, que sé que las xo lo
> > leen, y no pude, cuando abro el pen en la xo y hago clic en el
> > archivo, ahí puedo ver que está el texto (no lo abrió aún) y hago clic
> > en retomar y qqueda la hoja en blanco. no tengo idea como voy  a hacer
> > para que reparen el texto si ellos no lo bajan en la xo.
> > yo no entiendo, pensé que al tener kubuntu y el open office podría
> > trabajar igual que los niños, pasando de una máquina a la otra sin
> > problemas. Necesito saber más para poder manejarme mejor.
> > otra dificultad que encontré es que en el social calc, la planilla
> > electrónica, a la mitad de los chicos se les borra la información al
> > guardar, es decir, queda en el journal como guardada, pero los datos
> > no aparecen en pantalla cuando abrís.
> > Pasa mucho que les desaparecen los archivos, se les borran solos.
> > Antes creía que eran ellos que los borraban sin querer, pero ahora me
> > doy cuenta que es así.
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