[sugar] Sucrose 0.83.1 Development Release

Chris Ball cjb
Fri Oct 31 14:29:50 EDT 2008


   > This is our first Development Release in the 0.84 cycle. The code
   > base has seen many refactoring efforts to improve the platform. To
   > improve performance several heavy shell dependency have been
   > dropped and the journal and the shell service has been merged into
   > the shell.  Furthermore the datastore has been rewritten, to
   > simplify and improve maintainability. The API has been kept in
   > place.

   > Sugar moved to use Gconf as a back end to store the profile. An ABI
   > policy has been figured out and modules have been marked as STABLE

Is this in Joyride yet?  rpm -q sugar gives "sugar-0.82.9-4" on the
latest build.


- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at laptop.org>

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