[sugar] [Localization] 9.1 proposal: Language learning on the XO.

Yamandu Ploskonka yamaplos
Thu Oct 30 18:24:22 EDT 2008

Ed, u r 100% on as usual.
I believe we should work for tools that can help all languages, and then 
people can load their own preferred choices, avoiding an image issue of 
OLPC taking a stand that could be misconstrued by those who love to 
misconstrue.  Those people don't care about reason, logic or the 
inevitability of History or whether it helps kids or not - but in some 
places they are quite powerful and need to be reckoned with, for fouling 
is still easier than building.

>> What I suggest is that as a team to focus in the _tools_.  Dictionaries,
>> interactive tools (HablarConSara, etc).  Those can then be loaded with
>> local language packs, and eventually, and as a local decision, other
>> languages, which of course are not limited to English.
> I see that we agree on the principles, and we are discussing
> presentation more than substance.

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